domingo, 13 de julio de 2014

Romeo must die...

...but if he were so kind, he could take Spanish publishers for travel company.

Spain, agency price mandatory, by law. Recently, a 5% discount was allowed. In theory, to protect the classics, to ensure access to culture. However... Check "The Master of Go", in Spanish. About 50 bucks vs. 15 in the US, pre-discount. Bookshops still pretend you pay S&H of books... books they've already sold and aren't subject to returns. In a country with deep discounts for book parcels.

This is one reality. A reality made of "old money" [or Civil War thieves] faking bussiness sense. And artistic sense. And... well, common sense. Where artsy modern booksellers consider Amazon a mix between a logistics shop and a vanity press scam. Where e-book distributors have lengthy PDF introduction slides that take longer to find than it takes to publish through Amazon's KDP.

Which is a reason I prefer to read blogs by Kris Rusch, J. A. Koranth and Barry Eisler (often in tandem), or Hugh Howey. People, all of them, who've braved situations similar to what Spain faces. Because the difference between scams like the Author's Guild, Hachette and Spanish publishers is suntan, make up and make believe.

Take care.

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