martes, 24 de marzo de 2015


I read a post this weekend, on SF book covers. I keep reading paranormal romance is a women-friendly genre... and scratching my head. But I'm trusting the industry to have solid data on this, at least. For once.

Still, following on that post, I found a book... To say it can't seem to follow a single recommendation on the linked post is... being kind.

You may know, or not, I like MA. It makes you aware of certain things. And a lot of fantasy (urban paranormal or not) follows fighting characters. However, most covers depict women a single move away from grave injury. Often by their own weapons, like that one.

Now, some of that is a personal glitch. But. Even forgetting what I know about swordwork, that cover has a woman with sort of flirty eyes pole-dancing a cheap home-shopping sword. You may not know MA, but that's going to somehow prod you, and strain your suspension of disbelief. Before you even grab the book.

And this is the "age of youtube". There are scores of videos from reputable sources on fencing; Japanese, Chinese, Filipino... you name it. While not everyone has to know that, I'd say that if your business is making pics of swordfighters, it might be a good idea.

But no, that would imply some respect towards the reader and the writer. God forbid!

Take care.