sábado, 27 de diciembre de 2014


Well, we already knew big publishers were not fans of R&D. They don't seem to be able to nurture brands, either.

Or listening. While everyone (outside of publishing) and their dog told them to man up and start working like a business, we had all that "special snowflakes" discourse for most of 2014, and its bookbombs (Hillary Clinton's, a couple of media primes...).

But let's looks at art, let's do compare them to art. Pretty please. Cinema. Truffaut, Spencer Tracy, Kieślowski... Also, The Avengers, Marvel. A series of interconnected movies in a franchise that's about to become the highest grossing ever (currently only behind Potter... which has nothing in the pipeline). Of successes like Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy [*]. A success 10 years in development, not yet finished.

But, no... Protection!

[*] BTW, nice story of perseverance, there.

So... closing a circle?

KDP exclusivity was a big item not so long ago. I sort of ranted about it, and it became the original push for this blog, now a tad cold.

Looks like I wasn't all that off...

Take care