sábado, 19 de julio de 2014

Bitching readers

Take a stroll outside and check Neil Gaiman's post. I just re-read it tonight after following Kris Rusch comments appropos the upcoming Retrieval Artist mini-series.

Mr. Gaiman is a Briton. You know, like Bond. Classy. "So-and-so is not your bitch" would be full of fucking expletives somewhere else. I can feel some of his pain.

And yet...

I stopped (dead stopped) reading epic fantasy in the mid 90s, after what the local publisher did with Robert Jordan's series. I was simply not in the mood for certain "coitus interruptus" that also cost a fortune. I really got fed up, with that publisher. And, with him, epic fantasy. Baby and water, yes. Also, the state of Spanish fantasy in the 90s.

But... Even so, that series took a while. Like Martin's looks to be set for. Now, I like Martin's work, I specially love his short stories. Because of my previous experience, however, I won't be touching the Iron Throne until he's done with it.

And that's a writer I like. Knew his work in the 90s, saw "his" TV series, back before I knew he existed. I think he's one of the best things to happen to literature since the typewriter. And yet, I won't touch his best known series.

Novels take a while. Good novels, good worlds, link the writer and the reader tremendously. More so, lilely, with modern media and communications. When you start a series, you stablish a contract with your readers, in that you'll try to finish it. No paper? No signature? So. There's no paper, no signature, that says I have to be courteous with my in-laws, but I should at least try. If I don't, there'll be consequences.

That's why Kris is trying to keep her readers appraised. Forget things like that and you're likely to see blowback (sorry, couldn't resist).

Just saying, but you might want to avoid it. Take care.

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