viernes, 25 de julio de 2014


I just "unbought" a book. I had it in my cart, and a pop up warned me about its DRM. Now, I'm not all that bad with computing security, and I do have available extra resources that would allow me to crack any ebook out there should it be beyond my personal habilities. Plus, I could also download an already stripped copy once I got my own, and that would be perfectly legal where I'm sitting (like the first option, in fact).

So, why didn't I?

I work computers for a living, people. I don't want to spend extra time or money when I read.

Someone told me (a bookseller!) some time ago that he didn't like perfect bound hardcovers becasue they were a bother to hold, and he didn't buy them. Now, that's accepted. But when I say I don't want DRM because it's a bother to read and keep... oh, the horror!

Pity. Looked an interesting entrance into a genre I very seldom follow.

Take care.

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