viernes, 20 de febrero de 2015

Visibilty. Indies as special ones

It's been a weird week, book wise. After last weekend's round-up, I realized there were several writers I was trying to reach that had put some weird difficulties along the way. Some of them were kind of expected, some of them reinforced something I've been seeing for a while.

Writers with the same reflexes of the Big 5 but with the extra "glamour" of the New Indie.

Because when the Big V follow certain practices, they're antiquated, old dinosaurs hiding their heads under the sand while extinction approaches. When an article calls on certain practices... it's about Big 5. Never mind that I can show examples of indies at every single step of that article. No, no... they have Reasons. My data is a bunch of anecdotes (it is), but their experience and their friends responses are Data.

If a Big 5 publisher doesn't provide links to its products on other retailers, he's being stupid.

If an indie is not providing links to its products on other retailer than, usually, Amazon (not only, not by far), he's being... thoughtful.

The sad part is that with the old system, writers might be commodities, but they were few. Right now, there are a LOT of writers. And increasing. Limit yourself, limit your readers, and another writer will come. Your fans may follow you, or not, the rest... will be gone.

Because these days we can choose.

And it matters not that I propose certain logic steps, than other writers chime in, that this has been said for a "long" (internet) time in certain blogs. No; writers will sell were they sell. But they leave no sensors behind, they know not how much they might sell where they don't. Which is something I could understand when you have half a dozen stories. When you have 40 book titles? Give other channels a chance.

Because I'm getting tired of looking for people who won't let themselves be found.

Take care.

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