sábado, 21 de febrero de 2015

The monkey in writing

Note that I very specifically didn't say "the monkey writer".

There's a meme in self-protection circles about "the monkey driving the bus", originally stated by a certain Marc MacYoung, then jointly explored further with Rory Miller, among others.

Picture, since this is about stories, the monkey tribe from The Jungle Book. Disney's depiction is better, this once. All those angry monkeys upset because they're right, dammit! People work a lot like that. They set up a group, they they get angry when someone questions that group. Fans when "their" writer touches "their" characters, for example.

TradPub advocates when "their" models is put in question.

Independent writers when they defend things that were a mortal sin when TradPub did it. Or still does.

The danger I see is that the corollary for this is that you need to "other" the opposite side. In this case, readers. Who just happen to be your customers. When you "other" someone, you can dismiss (even alter) his logic, the relevance of his experience...

That's goddamn dangerous when those people are the ones who're paying you and there are a myriad of suppliers (which is kind of the whole point of the Indie Revolution [TM] ).

Take care. Nothing else to add.

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