miércoles, 7 de enero de 2015

New year and taxes

Apparently, Spanish newspapers, after getting a law to make Google pay for news (what amounts to a tax payable to private corporations [*]), are paying for ads... now that they no longer show on searches.

On the same venue, ebooks in Europe are now an average 15+% more expensive. Above and beyond any other taxes their publishing corporation pays.

I double dare you to find an EU-sold book in my e-library. If you track my 4-figure e-library, you won't find a single book for which I had to pay more than 20% over the cover price. This is part of the reason. So, the EU tax system no only lost 20% of a 4-5 figure expense, but also any further taxes payable on that (as benefits, employees social security...).


[*] Remember: in Spain, the equivalent to the Big 5 publishing houses are houses with both news and book arms (usually, not bookshops), usually tied to big, stale, money, and tied to bipartisan parties.

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