domingo, 7 de septiembre de 2014

When your worst enemy is looking from the mirror

Yes, indeed, of course. Amazon is e-ville. Amazon is bad. Amazon wants to destroy books.

French bookshops:

  • We have 11,000 books. We are not here to be the dustbin for Trierweiler and Hollande

  • This bookshop isn't planning on becoming an outlet for Ms Trierweiler’s dirty laundry

Although some did, kind of, cater to their customers... a bit. With Balzac included, just in case they could get expelled from the guild.

Apologies - we don’t have Valerie Trierweiler’s book but we do still have some Balzac, Dumas, Maupassant, etc...

Meanwhile, at 20 EUR te hardcopy, 14.99 the ebook.

Oh, the evil empire, how cunning it is...

And I don't give a damn who she is. I barely remember Hollande, much less his ex. But she's a writer. With readers. One would think bookshops could use the publicity of having new people in, buying her book, maybe some others.

But, of course, that would be marketing, business sense... We don't do that, do we?

Take care.

EDIT: Evil empire link added. Because when bookshops insist on purity... and fail, it's an amazon's war casualty. Nevermind that Virgin is the one that butchered Oldfield. Or that it's English (and if you don't think that's important, you don't know about the French and English... tradition). Borders, remember?

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