martes, 9 de septiembre de 2014


While other countries in the 30s went into National-Socialism and other fascisms, Spain got, after a bloody struggle, something called "National Catholicism", some of which remmants can still be seen today.

Not a history lesson. I would have to go 3 centuries back, and this is not the place. My point is that, eventually, the old regime sort of fell, democracy came in, if diluted, and... well, time went on.

Then we got freedom of religion. But nothing much changed, did it? Army priests are still Catholic, public ceremonies, when they are religious, are Catholic. And so on...

Except people stopped being made to go to church. Being forced to baptize their kids. Being forced to marry through Church ceremony.

And those who remained were used to be under the umbrella of the State. There was a law that was supposed to be temporary by which the Spanish Catholic church was paid a stipend while it developed its own income channels. It's been in place for 35 years.

Meanwhile, smaller churches linked to immigration open in garages, small buildings and such, and mostly prosper. The Spanish Catholic church still keeps some ancient buildings, which are expensive to maintain, and still tries to gobble land around mountain hermitages without even telling the neighbours (and sometimes legit owners of the land). Yes, many parish priests try to work their best in these conditions...

Same as some editors try to do their best in Big 5 imprimpts.

Take care.

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