viernes, 8 de agosto de 2014


I was reading this and recalling this other one[*]. And...

Apparently, Netflix and other post-TV entertainment distributors are raising blood pressure all around because they produce series and put all those episodes online at once. TV companies are used to being THE arbitrer of your spare time. I don't know if anyone recalls the ruckus when someone got comercial-skipping VHS recorders. Not that they ever liked recorders any, whatever the kind.

Now... publishing is similar. All that "not more than a title per writer; two if you really must; and, for God's sake, put it on contract or he'll go somewhere else, the publishing junkie!" Or that other, "No, no... you must wait at least six months before you release the paperback, or you'll lose sales; no matter the hardback's only on display for a couple of months. The "E" book? That's a weird title for a marketing bible..." Or "Amazon wants to destroy US publishers selling UK Potter's overseas!" Or "Tie-in ads for the comic after the series broadcast? Are you nuts!? We don't talk with that company."

The reinforcement between different kinds of book, or what writers who care about day-to-day data see about different titles propping each other... All that's lost.

In legacy publishing. Not so with other sellers.

Take care.

[*] Note: I do NOT recommend taking the guy seriously as it reflects ebooks. He's in a time machine.

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