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Amazon also has PR departments

NYT published a pseudo-interview on... Thursday? with Patterson, talky figurehead of Hachette.

Tomorrow, NYT will publish an ad, by Patterson, costing way above most writers' advances. Of course, the guy is in the 8 figures annually.

KDP writers are receiving a 1200-word mail from Amazon. This night-morning.

If you want to believe in coincidence, there's a bridge in London...

Website for the letter? Reader's United. Have to love it.

Waiting to see if the WaPo does the NYT equivalent... Meanwhile, I'll digest the mail. Let's see if it says anything new. And check the site and its links...

Take care.

UPDATE: (Note: yes, I'm playing with Mr. Patterson's court's name. Practice.)

Read. As expected, nothing new if you've listened to voices outside the hatched sphere. However...

The mail is supposed to be directed to KDP authors. Now, I rather doubt that. My reason is that KDP writers are... on Kindle, already. A good share of them (many?) are better informed than the average hatchet suit. They can certainly keep track of their sales better than getting that B&N surprise for inattention.

No, what I think curious is that vocal tóu bāng members seem to be hacking through the same statements, anonymous or otherwise. Which suggests very few sources of information. Opponents are discussing openly, getting sales info from Author Earning's... They're used to talk around.

Author Earning's data suggest they aren't four simpletons hiding in a corner. This petition suggests a much better interface between readers and writers that Mr. Patterson allows himself to think (from his quotes, he seems to be very much settled in the "Readers are mine or idiots" meme, which I hope you'll grant is not all that much prone to communication). Now...

If you have data, you don't have a PR filter in the shape of a media company, you get your information from your royalties daily, and you're used to talk... what happens when Amazon, so far critisized for not talking enough, sends you a mail? Do you keep that close until someone interviews you for the NYT (after showing 100k bucks) or... do you talk with your mates? Those include writers, readers, wanna be publishers... This, I believe, is where Amazon scored it. The add will be up tomorrow. Today, have a nice synopsis of Amazon's PoV.

Take care.

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